Thursday, January 21, 2010

low hanging fruit

excuse the lack of posts friends. it's been raining cats and dogs here and we just don't know how to survive in these conditions. the roads are wet, we need to use those umbrella things and the la river even has water running through it, real live water people!

all kidding aside, the plants are the happiest we've seen them in a long time (and we're really glad to get all of this rain too). for example, take a look at our little friend the pink lemonade tree. isn't he about the most gorgeous citrus you've seen?! the variegated leaves, the pink flower buds opening to sweet white flowers, the striped fruit and pink flesh. too much. love this one. we have them in stock here at the shop. swim on over to get one of your own :)

the rain also brings up the topic of rainwater harvesting. this is a big topic that i'm really excited to talk about. i'm going to save that post for later this week. it will be worth it!

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