Sunday, February 28, 2010

one of the things we miss most about our native pennsylvania landscape are the amazing fall color shows. here in la, we have very few hints of autumn, but this here plant is one of them. say hello to hydrangea quercifolia 'snow queen' aka "oak-leaf hydrangea" she's a nice little taste of home even if her fall color coincides with the spring blooms!

from our grower:

"This is a beautiful deciduous shrub with deeply lobed, oak leaf-shaped, dark green leaves which provide spectacular fall foliage in colors ranging from orange to crimson and scarlet. Performs best in dappled shade, full sun if adequate moisture is provided with a well drained, acidic soil, and is very cold hardy. We have our plant growing in the shade with occasional irrigation. Typically found as a multi-stemmed shrub growing to 8 ft. tall and 12 ft. or more wide. Prune as needed immediately after flowering (June-July) as new flowers are set on previous years growth."

Sunday, February 21, 2010