Monday, October 12, 2009

c + c marriage factory

our very dear friends, chris and cammie, got married at greystone mansion this weekend - they looked absolutely amazing, didn't they?!? we were given the honor of arranging their florals. i have to say that my favorite moments were pinning the groom's boutonniere on (i was totally crying), cammie's vows (let's do this!), and chris' father's silly "toast to the french and the melba"... ha ha!

the bride and groom wanted arrangements that would last for time to come, so we opted for planted centerpieces of phormium, coleus, heuchera, helichrysum, dusty miller, and succulents. we also planted individual succulents in white ceramic with black glass topping as a take home. the bridal bouquets included agonis flexuousa 'after dark', fiddle head fern, calla lillies, echeveria nodulosa, chocolate cosmos and dusty miller.

they are off on their honeymoon now through the beautiful wine country... congratulations you guys, we love you!!


  1. GORGEOUS.... all of you and all of those beautiful creations. you and your team rock! xxx

  2. Thank you for making our wedding so beautiful. All of our guests commented on how creative and gorgeous our plants and flowers were. EVERYONE wanted to take the centerpieces home. Everything Gardens made our special day one of the prettiest parties ever. Thank you, again!!