Friday, October 30, 2009

lawrence halprin, fasla, known for his prominent works such as: freeway park in seattle, sea ranch california, lovejoy plaza (pictured above) in portland oregon, and ghirardelli square in san francisco; passed away this week at the age of 93.

halprin's work played a major role in my education at landscape architecture school. i studied his modernist theories, his skillful drawings, and his amazing built spaces.

he leaves us a legacy in his built environments that give our buildings a stronger foundation and make our walks more lively and interesting.

in some cities, halprin's work has fallen victim to neglect. the semi-permanent and ever-changing nature of landscapes make them more vulnerable than buildings. deferred maintenance and neglect can scar key components of a landscape's design. unfortunately, a number of significant landscapes have been lost during this century to demolition or have been completely altered.

take time to learn about cultural landscapes and see how you can become a land steward at the cultural landscape foundation.

i also highly recommend to listen here to the 30-minute podcast of halprin and charles birnbaum closing the 2007 asla annual meeting

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